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Deluxe SnackBox

LOTS of Korean snacks... and a few bonus Korean items too! 

Deluxe SnackBox

This box contains 3 to 4 POUNDS delicious Korean snacks. 

Whether you enjoy sweet or savory, soft or crunchy, or yes... spicy; we are sure you'll love your box.

Your Deluxe SnackBox may include: cookies, chips, cakes, drinks, and we usually add a package of ramyun (ramen, by popular demand.  We put in a classic or two like Chocopie or Banana milk and bring you new items that may just become your future favorites.

The photo above is just an indication of some of the variety that is included in our monthly boxes.

To thank you for joining the UmshikBox family, we will include 1 or 2 fun bonus items as well.