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Dul SnackBox


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Product Description

Dul means two. So, here is your second SnackBox option! ;-) Our Dul SnackBox offers a delightful mix of flavors and textures. Our curator takes her job seriously, after all ! From old favorites to new and unexpected snacks such as tomato candies and konjac jelly (tip: it's delicious when cold from the fridge!). You'll get a pack of ramyun to enjoy as well, of course. Summer means grilled corn, so you'll get a bag of chips that will make you think of fresh corn on the barbecue. Try your can of sweetened coffee over ice on a hot day. We've tried to make a fun box for that hot weather which is already on its way. Our UmshikBox team wishes you Happy Snacking! Note that our UmshikBoxes are NOT curated with allergies in mind. This box contains seafood, dairy and nut products.

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