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Hana SnackBox


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Product Description

Hana is our adorable little bear mascot, you'll see her on all of our UmshikBoxes. But it also means "one" in Korean. Ok, lesson over. Now onto the contents of this delicious SnackBox: You'll find a total of 16 different snacks, including one pack of noodles. You know that messy bowl of noodles that you see so often in K-dramas? Well, it's your time to grab a few napkins and make the Bul jjajang that we've included for you! You'll also find spicy, savory and sweet flavors; some are classics, some are new. For example: shrimp chips, lemon crackers and grapefruit and earl grey flavored soft cakes. At almost 4 pounds, you are sure to find lots of flavors that you love! And, as always, you'll get a handy brochure describing each of the contents. Our UmshikBoxes are NOT curated with allergies in mind. This box contains seafood, dairy and nuts.

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