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Our RamyunBox includes a variety of Asian noodle styles, all Made in Korea, of course!


You'll receive an assortment of 6 to 10 packages of ramyun, udon, and other styles of noodles.

 Whether you want to just add water and have a quick meal on the go or you are a foodie who will use these as a base to add some meat, veggies or eggs too... you are sure to love your RamyunBox !

We include a wide variety of flavors including some Korean classics like  Jajangmyeon (black bean noodles) and some newer flavors like cheese. Some of the many flavors you might find in your RamyunBox are shown in the photo above and include: Kimchi, seafood, cold broth style, spicy and mild.

Join us on a ramyun adventure.  Oh and, we'll include 1 or 2 bonus items each month to say thanks for joining!