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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your subscription option?

SUBSCRIPTION UMSHIKBOX ORDERS are suspended until September 2019, while we work on improving your experience.  If you join the UmshikBox family, we will update you on when they are available again.  You will also learn about our giveaways, special events and new UmshikBoxes before we make them available to the general public.

When will you ship my order?

SINGLE UMSHIKBOX ORDERS are shipped within 2 business days.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: (Currently suspended until September 2019)

HOLIDAY SHIPPING: Order by the 18th of December in order to receive your UmshikBox before Christmas. (Carriers may have shipping delays during the holidays; but this is the date that USPS suggest to us).

Where are your RamuyunBoxes?

Our RamyunBox will be available again in September. 

Do you ship internationally?

We are currently working on making our boxes available to snack lovers worldwide,  But right now, we only ship to the United States and APO or FPO addresses.  Watch our social media pages for updates.   We're working hard and hope to be shipping worldwide soon.

Why have you sold out?

Our  Deluxe Snackboxes rarely sell out.  But, occasionally, we sell limited edition UmshikBoxes. If you are interested, grab them while you can.  They are one-time buys and we don't restock them once they are sold out!

I want to send an UmshikBox to my sister,  How do I do that?

First of all, we're sure that you are going to quickly become her favorite sibling! 

Single box: You can order one of our Single UmshikBoxes, through our SHOP page.  They are one-time boxes and do not automatically renew.  Also, our Limited Edition UmshikBoxes are one of a kind, one time only options to add some extra fun to your life.

Need more reasons to get and UmshikBox?

  • Texting, updating Instagram, watching a K-drama, all while doing your homework... takes a lot of energy!

  • Our boxes are as amazing as your K-pop bias... okay, almost as amazing.

  • You want your spicy shrimp ramyun and you want it now.

  • You don't just want snacks, you want a few pounds of quality, variety treats delivered monthly.