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Korea at your doorstep!

Pick your box!

Thank you so much for your support! All of our boxes are sold out for December.  

Single Boxes

Hana SnackBox
Hana is our adorable little bear mascot, you'll see her on all of our UmshikBoxes. But it also means "one" in Korean. Ok, lesson over. Now onto the contents of this delicious SnackBox: You'll find a total of 16 different snacks, including one...
Dul SnackBox
Dul means two. So, here is your second SnackBox option! ;-) Our Dul SnackBox offers a delightful mix of flavors and textures. Our curator takes her job seriously, after all ! From old favorites to new and unexpected snacks such as tomato...

Why UmshikBox?

  • No skimpy sample sizes here... we don't count a single piece of candy as "one item"
  • Great energy source while practicing your latest EXO or BTS dance moves
  • A wonderful way to share the flavors of Korea with friends and family
  • Deliciously curated snacks and ramyun (ramen)
  • Great swag (1-3 items per box!)
  • What's better to eat while binging on K-dramas?
  • An opportunity to discover new Korean products and brands
  • Studying late at night tastes better with an UmshikBox on the desk!
  • Make that college student or military member happy with one of our boxes to show them that you care.

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What our customers are saying...

Korean candies, chocolates, and spicy snacks — everything you’d want from a Korean snacks store is included in this box! And there’s a lot! I was so happy seeing the giant box being full to the brim, and the quality of each snack didn’t disappoint at all.

Brandy, North Carolina


Wow am I pleasantly surprised!!! I was so happy to receive my UmshikBox in the mail with its bright purple packaging, it just brought a smile to my face! The contents were equally as pleasing which included a wide assortment of textures and flavors such as; gummies candy, spicy crackers, mini churros, instant ramen and even a green tea face mask! I’ll definitely need to pick up another box to see what goodies are in it!

Jason, California

My kids and I REALLY enjoyed opening and trying all the snacks and drinks that were in our box and we look forward to our next box!   

Stephanie, Arizona